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    Products > Leveling Mounts > Vibration Pads & Mounts > Vibration Pads & Mounts - Wedge Mounts Type VWH > View Items  

    Vibration Pads & Mounts - Wedge Mounts Type VWH

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    Vibration dampening pads, also known as Distributed Isolation Material (DIM) pads, isolate vibration and cushion shock between machinery and the floor. They also act as an anti-skid pad and will not mar surfaces.

    We have a variety of mounts in stock to meet a wide range of applications. A fully qualified engineering team is available to assist you in preparing custom vibration and shock isolation solutions to address your specific operational requirements.

    Vibra-Wedge mounts are designed for the installation and precision leveling of heavy industrial machinery. Three machined wedges are mounted and held together by a horizontal adjusting bolt. A lock screw secures the mount in the leveled position. Keys in the sliding surfaces of the wedges ensure rigidity within the mount construction. A special opening allows for bolting of the machine to the floor. Vibra-Wedges permit accurate precise and easy leveling. No additional shimming is necessary.

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    Item #


    Dimension (A)

    Dimension (B)

    Dimension (H)

    Tolerance (H)

    Max. Load Capacity

    VWH-15 VWH 150 mm 100 mm 40 mm ± 5 15000 lbs
    VWH-15R VWH 150 mm 100 mm 50 mm ± 5 9000 lbs
      Results 1 - 2 of 2 1